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Fly-by foodie fashions

As in the fashion world, culinary trends come and go. One of our favourites right now is quinoa (pronounced keen-wa).

The seed was originally grown in the Andes in South America and eaten as a staple food by the Incas. Until recently quinoa could only be bought in health food stores. However, over the years it has steadily grown in popularity and can now be found on your local supermarket shelf.

Quinoa is typically used as a grain, as with rice and couscous, and can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes. Praised by nutritionists for its high protein, iron and dietary fibre, chefs are also big fans.

Increasingly, quinoa dishes are making it to the menus of top restaurants. The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that esteemed Sydney restaurant Quay has previously used quinoa as an accompaniment to a Butter Poached Quail – yum!

To try quinoa in your home kitchen, we recommend our delicious Barbecued Quail with Monkey Nut Chutney Mango, Fresh Herb and Couscous Salad – just replace the couscous with quinoa!

For more facts on quinoa read 12 things you should know about quinoa on one of our favourite blogs, Stone Soup.

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